AIGF is the apex industry body for self-regulation for online gaming in India. Being the oldest, largest, and most diverse industry association for online gaming, representing all gaming formats, AIGF has been at the forefront, working with lawmakers and policymakers to demonstrate the benefits of having a regulated marketplace. We currently have more than 300 online skill gaming companies and game development companies across esports, fantasy gaming, casual gaming, and other formats as members, with a combined user base of over 450 million, and collectively representing the majority of the skill gaming operators.

  • Principal Membership
    12 months
    Package price

    Principal Members are the core members who decide along with AIGF on various issues pertaining to legality, tax and other representations relating to the Gaming Industry.

  • Platinum Membership
    12 months
    Package price
    • Industry-relatedThree complimentary passes to AIGF events
    • Access to a large network of key industry players
    • Be in the known: receive industry-related news before anybody else.
    • Participate in industry & advocacy activities with the AIGF Executive Committee
    • Contribute to AIGF policy advocacy, industry reports, and research.
    • 5% discount to other industry events 
    • Access and contribute to the AIGF knowledge base.
    • Networking with other members of the group
    • Advertising real estate in Gaming 360. 8-month long campaign
    • Facilitation with AIGF Advisory & Law partners, as the need may be.
    • Attend and contribute to AIGF board meetings
    • Member of AIGF Executive Committee
    • Sponsorship options are available with priority to Platinum members.
    • Investor interaction and approach possible
    • AIGF tracker availability
    • Discounted models are available with service providers as the need may be
    • PG options are possible as the need may be. 
    • Enabler's forum access is possible with additional service provider offerings.
    • AIGF member badge and skill game council badge (with additional costs for verification of games)
    • Intervention and representation as the case may be the basis of the executive committee decision
    • Google, Meta, and other service providers facilitate to addressing any grievance wherever applicable.
    • Information availability of the dynamic changes that are likely to impact the online gaming industry.
  • Gold Membership
    12 months
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  • Silver Membership
    12 months
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